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Who We Are

The word Luvie stems from the Sanskrit language and it roughly translates to “beauty”. With the advent of Modernisation and Industrialisation, the word beauty has lost all its sense and meaning. These days most of the criteria for judging beauty are just based on flawed marketing strategies that attack people’s insecurities, and one of the most infamous ones is the criteria of fairness. Most of the cosmetic products in the market these days, are loaded with chemicals and do not account for the different skin types and their needs and they just haven’t been around long enough to understand the kind of effect they have on the body in the long run.


On the flip side of the coin, the ancient practice of Ayurveda has a very holistic approach to beauty and skincare. Ayurveda has closely studied various skin types and has taken painstaking efforts to understand what works and what doesn’t for each skin type. The concept of “Prana” developed by Ayurveda is so intricate and well-built that it makes sense even thousands of years after its inception.


 Similarly, Luvie Essentials is built around the same premise of Ayurveda.  We have taken the concepts and learnings of Ayurveda and married them with modern-day equipment and processes to meet the expectations of today’s fast-paced world. Keeping in mind the different skin types and their specific needs, we at Luvie Essentials try to bring to you the most natural products made using natural extracts and essential oils. It’s not just the natural product we focus on, we also know the amount of plastic waste that is left behind by cosmetics packaging which affects our nature negatively. We pay equal importance to the packaging that we use so as not to affect nature negatively. Ecological packaging is the first step towards preserving our nature and we promote it by using biodegradable or recyclable packaging.


Luvie Essentials is all about nature and all the goodness that it has to offer.